This blog entry is for former clients.

$25 Thank You or Free Downloaded Book


I would very much like to know how things are going with your relationship after we have completed our counseling together, so ……. if you send me an email 4 months after we have ended our work together, letting me know how things are going, I will discount $25 off of (1) future session, or if you send me an email to let me know how you are doing and send me a  referral, I will take $25 off a future session, or if you prefer, I will send you anyone you choose one of my downloadable books:


 *Relationship Rescue Manual


* Dealing with Infidelity (for the unfaithful partner)


*  Dealing with Infidelity (for the faithful partner) Note: I am currently working on this manual and it should be done by next month


* Negotiation Handbook for Couples.  (This is my favorite one if things are going well.)


 I really would look forward to knowing how things are going in your relationship.

My best,


Dr. Marty


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