A Marriage Counselor Suggests: How Famous Interracial Couples like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Survive Prejudices and Differences and Strenthen Their Marriage and Yours.



If a bi racial / bi cultural couple were in marriage counseling,they would have a number of issues to deal with in terms of prejudice. Handling prejudice has a number of additional issues for a couple to deal with.

Because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, are famous it doesn’t mean that they aren’t faced with prejudice. Things are said behind their back as well as social slights occurring, career and work issues. No one is so famous that they are immune to being discriminated against.

The answer to dealing this prejudice is that it is both an “inside” and an “outside” job.

Advice from a Marriage Counselor:

“The Inside Job”
On the inside as human beings we all have to deal with our feelings about ourselves. There are famous figures that deep down are very unsure about themselves. They have to work on their self image so they can have the presence of mind to know when to confront prejudice and when to let things go.

Prejudice is most harmful when folks deep down don’t realize their own worth and the prejudice often says more about the person, group or organization that is behaving prejudicially.

In terms of bringing up their children, parents have to make an extra effort to build their children’s egos and their self image.

“The Outside Job” for marriage counseling
Here’s where the marriage plays an important role in not only dealing with prejudice, but coping with all of the tragedies and challenges that couples face. When the couple either individually or as a couple come across these pressures, it is especially important that the partner be sympathetic, protective, and thoughtful. These difficult times, test if our partner really “has our back.” Are they there when we need them, when we are most vulnerable, is the time that really impacts on the strength of the bond of the couple.

How Kanye West and Kim Kardashian handle these difficult issues will set the stage for the rest of their relationship. How you and your partner handle difficult issues will be something that you will always remember.

If couples are supportive and present a united front they will remember those times and it will be a strong glue that helps them through the tough times that life holds for them.

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