I’m reading a wonderful book that is a story of bravery and is so touching that is a powerful lesson for all of us about what’s involved in having a remarkable relationship.

This story is about a veteran who has served our country in Iraq.  He is a former captain in the army who has been severely wounded both physically and emotionally.  The book talks about how Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan’s life is saved by his companion dog Tuesday.  Tuesday is not only beautiful and really smart, but his attitude and sensitivity is beyond remarkable.

If you want to be deeply touched as I was you can go to:

http://www.until-tuesday.com/mmedia.html and see first hand this amazing story.  Then you can be moved by this wonderful book “Until Tuesday” and see the worst of life and then the best of life and relationships.


If you decide to visit with this amazing couple please let me know what you think.

Dr. Marty

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