A Word About The CoronaVirus Crisis

Hi this is Dr. Marty,

During this difficult time I wanted to reach out to all of you.  As a Couples and Marriage Counselor, I am particularly concerned that this Medical crisis does not become a Relationship/ Marriage Crisis.  Being in close quarters, having our day to day life disrupted, dealing with the different personalities in our home can take its’ toll even if the relationship is relatively strong. Under normal times we know that 50% of marriages end in divorce, as well as many significant relationships are at risk, it is very possible that this crisis can easily push these relationships over the edge.

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Let’s not let that happen.

It is even more important now more than ever, that couples learn to communicate with each other, learn how to handle disagreements and the anger that comes from them.  If this is done right, relationships can come out stronger.  Remember that the real test of a relationship is how a crisis is handled by a couple. 

Now is the time to make lemon aide from lemons, to take a difficult even dangerous situation and by working together and learning communication and anger management skills the relationship can come out the other end of this crisis stronger than when all of this mess started.

Difficult times and what we make of it. 

Something good has to come from all of this.  We will learn how to be more thrifty and economical in our buying sprees but everyone will probably still be buying  plenty of paper towels and toilet paper even when this is over, thinking that this shipment will be the last for awhile.

Be Well, Dr. Marty

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