All I Want Is to Be Happy. (Part 2 of 2 part series)

This idea was taken from my book “The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage

In our day to day lives we are so busy taking care of “things” we don’t really stop and think about what we can do to make positive steps forward. Below are two very simple exercises that can be done that can make a difference in your relationship.

See if you can write three things that you have control over that could contribute to your partner’s happiness and ask your partner to do the same.  It will be interesting to see how accurate each of you is about how you can help make the other person happy.

If you really want to get closer to your partner, you might even spend some effort at doing things that each of you has identified as making you both happy.

By the way, what would help you to be happy/ satisfied in your relationship?  Also you might ask yourself how hard have you tried in the recent past to do something special for your partner.

Relationships like a garden deteriorates unless we tend to them regularly. 

Let me know how this works out. 🙂 – Dr. Marty


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