Am I Crazy or Normal?

In addition to specializing in working with couples, I also work with individuals who are struggling with: anxiety, depression, Bi Polar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Addiction.  I am currently revamping my other site and will be offering an evaluation to help folks determine whether or not they need counseling.  In my next blog, I will give you my first draft of my evaluation which will help folks determine if they need counseling.  In my last blog for the week I will discuss what is involved in getting treatment for the issues that I treat

Often times when I am counseling folks, they want to know if they are crazy or is something wrong with them.  Life isn’t easy, at one time or another we all ask that question of ourselves and on occasion we get told by family, spouses, as well as by boy and girlfriends “You should see a psychiatrist, there’s something wrong with you”.

The evaluation will be questions geared toward:  anxiety, depression, Bi Polar Disorder, trauma, and addiction, answer these questions as honestly as you can.  You can, if you want, even ask someone you trust to help you with the answers.   When you have completed the evaluation email them back to me and I will score them and send you the results of the evaluation.  The evaluation will identify areas of concern and how sever those problems are, which is the first step in my treatment process.

I invite you to visit my site to learn more about treatment for individual problems.

In tomorrow’s blog I will give you the evaluation and if you are concerned either for yourself or someone you care about I encourage you to take the evaluation so you can get a clearer picture as to whether on not counseling is appropriate.



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