Anger and Relationships

 After I had been practicing for a few years it became obvious to me that anger was an important factor in helping couples resolve their differences.  When couple’s let their anger control their communication, they get further and further away from each other emotionally.  As a result of the harmful effects of destructive anger, I have studied and developed an approach that can help individuals deal with the anger they feel.  It is important not have their communications be contaminated with anger or rage.  I’m not saying that it isn’t normal to be angry at your partner and even letting them know how angry you are, but there are constructive and destructive ways of being angry.


 In addition, anger if gone unchecked, can result in violence and that is even more harmful to relationships.  In my next few blogs I will share with our reader’s information about how to detect if you have a problem.  I have developed 18 questions, to help evaluate how much anger is present.  I use the guidelines in this questionnaire for both couples who are having anger issues and for more extreme situations where there has been violence and there has been court ordered therapy.


In my next two blogs  tomorrow and  next Tuesday I will share the questions that I have developed.  I am giving nine questions in each blog so that if you are concerned about your or that someone close to you has anger that is harmful, you can spend some time thinking about the questions and whether or not they apply.

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