Answers to Questions About Your Relationship

 Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten a number of questions about relationships in my next two blogs will give answers to those questions.  My hope is that these issues may in some way relate to concerns in your relationship.


I recently got this question from “Sam”

 “My husband and I have been together 7 yrs, married for 4 yrs…
I have been questioning my feeling towards him lately. I don’t feel attracted                                                                                                                                                                                                    to him and it’s breaking my heart. I love him into pieces…what should I do?”

 I’m going to handle this blog a little bit differently from my other blogs, I’m going to give my take on what is going on and ask my readers to email me their thoughts and on my next blog I’m going to give you my answers to Sam’s question.

 Hi Sam,

Often times when couples loose their attraction for one an other, one of three things happen.

1. There has been some important disagreement(s) that have never been worked out and resentment has built and that has caused an emotional distance between the couple


2. The couple has taken each other for granted without making time together special and meaningful.


3. The problem might be a combination of the two other issues, that is there may be both some important disagreements and as a result you have been spending less and less time together


In my next blog I will tell you my specific answers to these questions, but I am really curious about your answers.  By the way, I will not print your answers so you don’t have to feel shy about sharing your thoughts.  I will be the only one who sees your responses.   Looking forward to your thoughts.

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