Our show was broadcast from April 18, 2017 through February 27, 2018, on Oldies 1079 WOLD

Dr. Marty covers subjects such as infidelity, addictions, love languages, communication, anger, divorce, relationship killers, trust, jealousy, and much more!

Show highlights:

2:30 In this show, we are going to finish off the section on strategies to deal with controlling anger. We will also talk about the connection between betrayal and trust. We will then move into the question of forgiveness.

5:30 Dr. Marty reviews, in depth, the simple six-step program on how to handle anger.

10:17 We get into a deeper, more involved four-step process on fully understanding where you are at with your own anger.

13:28 Dr. Marty moves into talking about another very important factor in a relationship: trust.

15:20 We run through the scenario of the first things that come up when a client wants to talk with Dr. Marty about trust, and what Dr. Marty will say.

19:28 We take the “fly on the wall” POV with a couple in Dr. Marty’s office. This is a demonstration Dr. Marty might do with a couple once they have gotten past the “emotional armed warfare” stage.

23:05 What does it really take for trust to develop between you and your partner? How is it possible to rebuild trust after infidelity, or doing something else that causes your partner to lose trust in you?

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