Our show was broadcast from April 18, 2017 through February 27, 2018, on Oldies 1079 WOLD

Dr. Marty covers subjects such as infidelity, addictions, love languages, communication, anger, divorce, relationship killers, trust, jealousy, and much more!

Show highlights:

4:07 This show will pick up where we left off from our last show, where we were talking about the Four Ingredients of a Good Relationship. In last week’s show we talked about the first two ingredients: 1) feeling accepted, and 2) respecting and valuing your partner’s opinion.

5:37 When was the last time you said something positive to your partner? Dr. Marty shares many examples on how to keep communication positive. Frequently a criticism is perceived and responded to as an attack, whereas understanding generates understanding.

11:26 There is a particular time in relationships where people feel like they are in danger, and their relationship is really being threatened – when there is a fight.

13:29 It is very helpful if you find something positive, before you start to express a disagreement.

14:29 Dr. Marty shares some ideas that can be really helpful when you find yourself in the center of a fight.

18:35 If you disagree with your partner, be careful how you disagree.

20:50 How is it possible to disagree in an agreeable way?

24:15 It’s not about differences, it’s about how they are handled.

25:55 Dr. Marty uses an example couple, “Mark” and “Anna”, to illustrate how different perspectives can be handled in a disagreement that arises when Mark sees Anna correcting their children.

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