Beyonce and Jay Z:

A Match Made in Heaven? 

Infidelity( Part II)

Five things I would do If Beyonce and Jay Z Came to Me for Marriage Counseling

Holding Hands

First, I would want to know from each of them if they really wanted to be married. I would also remind them that second and third marriages, let alone fourth and fifth marriages, tend to have very bad track records.


Second, I would want to help clear the air about the issues of the affairs that the press has been talking about.

Third, I would have them be extra careful about the people they are seen with. They are so much in the public eye that it’s easy for things to look really bad.  Remember, perception is the reality until reality meets the truth.

Fourth, I would have them work on setting up a definite schedule for “we” time.  No matter how busy they are, they would have time set aside for each other.  I think that people who have so much allow their lives to run them rather than running their lives.

 Fifth, During couples counseling I would have them work on their ability to negotiate with each other and to compromise.

 Of course there are many more things we would have to do during marriage counseling  to save the relationship but the above 5 things would be a starting point.

 BTW it wouldn’t have been a bad idea for this couple to have had pre martial counseling, might have saved them a lot of problems going forward

No one is immune to having struggles in their relationships it’s what we do about them that gets us to celebrate our 50 and 60 wedding anniversaries together. 


Lessons from a couples counselor for Those of Us Who Are Not Rich and Famous.


  1. Make time for your partner
  2. Learn how to compromise
  3. Make sure that there is a strong connection between the two of you and watch out for negative outside influences that threaten your love for each other.


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