Beyonce and Jay Z: A Match Made in Heaven? Infidelity?  (Part I)


The 32 year old #Beyonce and 44 year old Jay Z are the ultimate “Power couple”.  However, recent problems with their marriage have made them front page news on a whole new level. They both, based on their talent and drive, have amassed incredible fame and wealth, but has it made them successful?


There are constant reports of infidelity, but what’s really behind the news that is going on in their six year marriage?


Both are famous and wealthy in their own right. 


Beyonce has been an incredible force of nature as she has created an empire which includes: a widespread music career, endorsements, and clothing lines rumored to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 million dollars.


Beyonce has experienced her father being unfaithful, which impacted her so deeply that, reportedly, she cut close ties with him and effectively divorced him from her life.  She has further suffered emotionally from a miscarriage she experienced a few years ago.  She seems to love living life in the public eye and is proud of being a feminist.


Jay-Z came from poor beginnings and, from nothing, has built his own 500 million dollar empire which includes: a phenomenal career as a performer, owner of a successful recording company, numerous bars and clubs, and partners in numerous business ventures with other high profile personalities.  You could say that he is an aggressive guy, as he has a history of conflict both personally and professionally with his music.  This is a man who would not take well to couples counseling

Pre marital  counseling would  have been a great idea for this couple so they could have figured out how to deal with the extraordinary stressors that they were bound to face

This Marriage Counselor looks under the psychological hood.


Both Beyonce and Jay Z are two extraordinarily high achievers.  From a couples counselor here are some of the psychological issues that they are dealing with:


  • Both are highly competitive
  • Both have trouble and probably don’t know how to compromise in their relationship.
  • Their high level of achievement / activity has come at a price. It has to be nearly impossible for them to have significant time to be with each other.
  • Though Beyonce talks about having a quiet side, both of their actions show that getting public acknowledgement is high on their list. One wonders how big each ones ego is based on all that they have accomplished.


Being outwardly super successful makes it difficult for couples to be together.  They are always in the public eye and there are so many issues and people around them that are always challenging the love between the two of them.

In my next blog I will talk about:

Five things I would do If #Beyonce and #Jay Z Came to Me for Marriage Counseling

Lessons for Those of Us Who Are Not Rich and Famous.


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