“If Beyonce split and Gwyneth Paltrow are both Single: What Are The Odds of Not Being Cheated On Next Time?”   Some Marriage Counseling Advice to the rich and famous  (Part I of II)

Beyonce- GwynethEven being rich, famous and beautiful or handsome people can use a little  

Being rich, famous and beautiful or handsome is all we could want from life.  That’s what we all shoot for.   With the gifts and benefits of these things also comes burdens.  Privacy is difficult to come by. Folks who are in this position may tend to ask themselves; do people love us for ourselves or for who we are?  These celebrities may wonder: “Are the kind of people we (the celebrities) are attracted to very attractive or charming and, if so, do they not have lots of opportunity to be tempted?


Don’t get me wrong I would like to be at least rich and attractive, but having wealth and fame is not as wonderful as it might seem. 


When boy meets girl and there is “chemistry”, sparks fly and it’s like  being high, almost an addiction.  – That’s the time where some Marriage counseling might be helpful.


Combine chemistry with being rich, famous, and attractive and it’s easy to make some bad choices.  So what about our “friends” (Beyonce and Gwyneth); if you’re listening to me, Dr. Marty, marriage /relationship counselor.

In my next blog I will as professional Marriage Counselor give 3 pieces of advice.   I will also share 3 questions that Beyonce, Gwyneth, and you should consider if you are going to be in a serious relationship.

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