Criteria for Job Satisfaction

 In these times people are often happy just having a job; however, at some point, feeling good about your work is really important.  Many folks identify with what they do and most of us spend a lot of time at our work.  It is very helpful for our state of mind to have a job, career, or profession that we like.  Below are five criteria that are essential for folks to have, if they are going to feel a sense of satisfaction.  When you have these things the chances are you will look forward to, rather than dreading each day.


1. Autonomy – We need feel that someone is not looking over our shoulder.  It is important for people to feel like their judgment is trusted.


2. Accomplishment – Human beings need to feel like at least parts of their work has a beginning, middle and a sense of completion


3.  Purpose – the more meaning we can find in our work 

     the more we feel good about what we are doing.


4. Challenge – People need to feel that what they are doing is not too easy because then they get bored or to difficult because then they stop trying to accomplish their task.


5. Appreciation – Who of us doesn’t look to get acknowledgement.  There are three levels oapproval that we may look for:  The people weserve (i.e. clients, customers, or patients), peers, and bosses.


So how does your work score on these five criteria?  If you would like help figuring out how to raise your score in these five areas we might talk. 

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