Do I Have an Anger Problem? (Part II)


In this blog I will list more questions for you to consider to help you figure out if there is an anger problem that needs to be dealt with.  If there is give me a call and together we can figure out the next step.


10. Do you hide angry feelings from others or try to suppress your feelings?  Yes No

11. Do you use alcohol or drugs to calm your anger?           Yes  No

12. Do you experience physical reactions such as muscle tension or a racing heart when you get angry?                              Yes  No

13. Does expressing your anger usually leave you feeling

better about yourself and the person who angered you?       Yes   No

14. People tell you that you need to calm down.                Yes   No

15.You feel tense much of the time.                                Yes   No

16. At work, you find yourself not saying what

is on your mind                                                        Yes   No

17. When you are upset, you try to block the world

out by watching TV, reading a book or magazine,

or going to sleep.                                                       Yes    No

18. You are drinking or smoking marijuana almost daily

to help you calm down.                                              Yes  No

19. You have trouble going to sleep.                           Yes  No

20. You feel misunderstood or not listened much of the time.    Yes No
21. People ask you not to yell or curse so much.          Yes  No


Having an anger problem can destroy relationships and even negatively impact on physical heath. Please think about these questions and if you have listed more than 5 “yes” answers for your own good and those you care about think  about getting help before things get out of hand.


Take care,

Dr. Marty


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