Do I Have an Anger Problem?

As promised in my last blog I will share the first half (question 1 – 9) of my “Anger Evaluation”.  If you would really like to understand whether or not there is an anger problem, take your time going through these questions and think about your answers.  Feel free to discuss these answers to get other’s thoughts about the answers to the questions

1.  Rate your anger at it’s highest 1 – 10      ____

2.  How long does it last?  ______

3.  How frequently do you get very angry?  __________

4.  Do you express anger in a way that overwhelms

you and others?                                                              Yes  no

5. Do you get angry more often than most people you know?

Yes  No

6. Do you get angrier than is necessary? __________

7. Do you use threatening language or gestures?

Never, Sometimes, Often

8. Do you get angry enough to hit, throw or kick things, people or animals?                                                                              Yes No

9. Do you obsess  for hours after the angry incident?   Yes   No

In my blog next week I’ll give you the other nine questions and let’s see how you score.

Talk to you on Tuesday,

Dr. Marty


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