Eight Questions That Can Help You Determine The Quality of Your Relationship

In my book “The Essential Guide to a Lasting Marriage

(Relationship)”, I offer questions that will help you to determine if your relationship has qualities of a strong connection. Please note that I have added some material in this that is not in book, based on my rethinking what is important in relationships.


  1. Can I speak our mind without fear of reprisal?


2. Do I feel supported with things that are important?

to us?

3. Do I feel that the other person is carrying their

weight in the relationship?


4. Is my partner able to be there in a crisis?


5. Is my partner flexible?


6. Is my partner optimistic?


7.  Do we as a couple have a balance between individual and together time?


8. Does my partner value my opinion; so neither idea is right nor wrong they are just different?


These eight questions can be great guidelines for helping you to evaluate the quality of your relationship.

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