Emotional Issues Involved In Negotiation With Your Partner

Part of having a good relationship is learning how to negotiate with your partner. The place to start is focusing on the tremendous importance of feeling accepted, respected, saving face, pride and maintaining belief you have influence in your relationship are to the process of successful couple’s negotiation.

We’ve all witnessed situations where people still argue well beyond the issue itself; they just don’t want to lose the argument. Even if they are not sure if they are right or being fair, they still argue their point because they hate to give in.

Regardless of the issue, I believe you have a 60% chance of success if you make sure your communications are respectful and recognize your partner’s emotions and are accepting of them, even if your point of view is the complete opposite of theirs.

On the other hand, it is 100% certain that if negotiation/discussions are disrespectful and critical, even if you “win” and get your way, you lose.

In later posts I’ll be talking about attitudes and emotions involved in negotiating with your partner.

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