Dr. Marty Talks About the Finances of Partners for Growth – A New Model for Practice Development in Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Partners for Growth – Finances

Reimbursement for therapists (independent contractors) who join our group

I hire folks as independent contractors at $50 below their customary fee, so if they bill $150 I pay them $100 per meeting and they bill $150.

How we provide a quality service with a strong business model

To provide a quality service, Monday through Friday I answer all initial inquiries personally or whenever possible within an hour or two. This rapid response both recognizes the urgency of the call and helps ensure that the client does not go elsewhere for the service. Most importantly, it leaves a good impression that someone will be available to meet their needs once they become a client.

After I talk to the referral, I refer them to a therapist that is convenient to their location. I also ask the prospective client to take a look at therapist’s biography and picture. I then call the therapist and let them know about the referral. I also provide a prospective client with a therapist’s telephone number and encourage them to call.

There are no franchise fees or consulting charges. You just pay for the work done on your behalf on the internet and for Google AdWords fees.

A practice as a business

In my experience of over 35 years in private practice, unless you leverage the internet you will never have a busy practice – unless you take insurance, and that can be a recipe for disaster.

Your upfront costs are:

  • One time set up for your Google AdWords campaign (e.g. couples and marriage counseling) – $300
  • Monthly optimization of Google AdWords – $100
  • Optional Google Directory Listing (one time charge) – $100
  • Each additional campaign (i.e.anger management, addictions, etc.) – $200

Google AdWords fees (paid directly to Google) will range from:
$200 – $300 for low competitive area (i.e. Boise, ID) to
$1000 – $1500 for a highly competitive area (i.e San Francisco, CA)

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and treating your practice as a business

Detailed cost analysis for expenses, and projected income, of joining Partners for Growth:

In a low competitive area say your fee is $145 (you’d be hired for $95 per session). From my experience with other partners, each client uses about 8 sessions (if you are averaging less than that we can work toward increasing your client retention rate). You’d be earning $760 per client and your expenses would be $400 a month, so your profit after just one client would be $360.

In a high competitive area, which is usually a higher billing area of fees about $175, you would be hired at $125 per client. In my experience, a client averages 8 sessions. If you acquire is 3 clients a month your profit would be $1000 a month

Compare this to insurance reimbursement and all the hassles that involves.

I’m not saying that’s all the referrals you will be getting. My point is even at a minimal level of referrals you will be making a profit.

In addition, we can be working on how to expand your bottom line, and your presence online, using strategies that I and my NJ partners have used successfully.

I am looking for high quality therapists who feel comfortable and enjoy working with couples.

To be clear, just joining Partners for Growth will not guarantee that your practice is filled. It will be part of a big picture. It will take additional effort and time, and I will help you with that. Partners for Growth will give you momentum, support and guidance.

Unlike consultants where you are just a client, our futures are tied together. I only make money when you do. By working together we can both build our practices.

Please see the Partners for Growth main page for introductory information and a video on Partners for Growth – A New Model for Practice Development in Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling.


If you are interested, please give me a call at: 888-281-5850 or email me at drmarty@comcast.net.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to speaking with you.

To see a discussion about the difference between consultants, practice building and being a “Partner” please see my video on the top of this page.

Marty Tashman, Ph.D. (Clinical/Organizational Psychology),
ACSW(Group/Case Work), M.S. (Counselor Education)
LMFT License #37F100094000 (Marriage and Family)
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