“First Step” is an inexpensive program designed to get you started to help save your relationship.

If you are:

(1) On the brink of divorce or ending your relationship,

(2) Or trying to recover from the trauma of infidelity,

this program is designed to give you the “First Step” to help turn things around in your relationship.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can buy Dr. Marty’s Manual:

“Relationship Rescue Manual”


  • You can buy Dr. Marty’s Manual:

“Healing From the Trauma of Infidelity” – For the Faithful Partner

                         “Healing From the Trauma of Infidelity”For the UnFaithful Partner



Dr. Marty has created “Tech Support” to help answer any questions that you might have after or during the time you are going through the manual.

With “Tech Support” you get 35 minutes of phone or in person time.  The fee for “First Step” (The Manual & Tech Support) is only $95.

How “Tech Support” is different from therapy

With “Tech Support” you ask specific questions during your time, or you can discuss a problem or situation that is troubling you, and he will supply answers and direction. To make best use of your time, focus is very important.  To help you get the most out of your session(s) it would be best if you would write up your questions ahead of time, and during your session(s) you might want to take notes so you have a true overview of what was discussed and learned.

The difference between Therapy is that we talk about the history of your relationship, and how to cope with your feelings.  Therapy is a process over several sessions, but of course, there are answers as well.


With “Tech Support” you get 35 minutes of phone or in person time, to be used either at one session or at whatever intervals are good for you (i.e., one 10 minute call and one 25 minute call, or 15 minutes and 20 minutes).


“First Step” Program

Manual + 35 minutes of “Tech Support”

(in person or phone) with Dr. Marty ………………….$95

For On-Going Counseling for folks who have a limited budget ask Dr. Marty about his:  “Stand By” Program

Please call Dr. Marty at (1) 888/281-5850 or email him at to get further information, or a copy of your manual And “Tech Support”.


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