Four Reasons Why It Is Important to Find a Trained Counselor

First, when there is a serious chance of ending a relationship, emotions are very intense and having a third neutral party to calm things down and to help to open up communication is essential.

 Second you are not always aware of how you may come across, often times we over or underestimate the impact of things we do.  We can’t be objective about ourselves, our partner, or our situation.  I have on several occasions seen very competent mental health professionals (e.g. social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists) who were having their own problems and they needed help for themselves. 

 The point here is that no matter how smart or educated you are, when something affects you directly, you are not objective.

 Thirdly, sometimes people are not aware of what is wrong they may have a general idea, but not know the underlying reasons and problems and they don’t know how to get the real issues.

 Lastly, even if folks know what is wrong they probably don’t know what to do about the problem. Some people’s response is be positive or just be nicer to your partner, though this can help, it is usually more complicated than that.  Certainly, you can try those strategies but things like past history, anger, ability to communicate and learning to “re-love” the person are involved.

The next step is to figure out what went wrong and the issue(s) that has so upset your partner they want to leave you.

 In my last blog in the series The First Step You Should Take to Stop a Divorce”  I will tell you about “Tools That Can Help You Stop Your Divorce”.

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