Here are four tips from my book “The Relationship

Rescue Manual, on how to handle your partner’s anger effectively.

Handling your Partner’s Anger

There are several basic rules on how to deal with your partner’s anger:

1. Don’t argue with your partner about their feelings.

2.  Listen to what your partner has to say.  People feel better if they get things off or their chests and feel that someone is listening and acknowledging their feelings.

3. Really listen to what is making your partner angry and try to identify anger themes.

4. Don’t patronize your partner.

The way in which a couple deals with anger and conflict significantly impacts their relationship.  Often, they do not know how to successfully disagree or even argue and the end result is eventually disastrous.  This chapter (Relationship Rescue Manual) has hopefully increased your understanding of anger and given you some tools to start examining your own and your partner’s anger themes.

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