Good or Bad Advice You Get on The Internet. : How to Reconnect with Your Partner

There is one very well known person who markets their video program on the internet that gives you a number of ways to make contact with your spouse. They say things like: “Share desert” or “ Give them a surprise kiss”. On the surface, their advise sounds like it is very helpful.

But what if you partner doesn’t like to share or they are too angry at you to let them kiss you or they think that a kiss is your way of asking for sex.?

Please let me know if you’ve had experience with any of these programs as I’m sure the videos work for some folks. If you let me know by private email I will send you a free copy of my downloadable book Negotiation for couples: from conflict to cooperation”.


Oh yes, are you curious what I would tell people who would like to re connect with their partner?


Let me start my answer with a question: How do you know if you’ve bought a good gift for your partner? Dr. Marty: The answer is simple: “If they like what you’ve gotten them” A good gift is not what you think your partner wants or should want, it’s what they really want.
A good gift is taking time to understand your partner and then do something with that understanding; that’s a loving act!

So my answer is the way to reconnect with your partner is figuring out what’s important to them and acting on it

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