Happiness – What Is It and How Do We Increase It?  (Part II)

This blog is a continuation (and the last installment of my blog on April 23, 2012) about tips on how to be happy.  


Below are nine things that you can do that will help in your journey toward happiness.


To be happy we must be able to “play” to find joyful and sensual experiences – to slow down and “smell the coffee” whether it is a good meal or the fragrance of a flower


Happy people need to let go of grudges.  Grudges usually hurt the people who hold them more than the person against who the grudge is held against.


Happy people make contact with their softer side by connecting animals or people. Isolated people are rarely happy.


Happy people need to be proud of their day to day accomplishments.


To be happy we need to enjoy our own company – being alone vs. being lonely.


To be happy we need to build in some unusual (break your daily routine) event to look forward to.


Connecting with something spiritual is important to being happy, that is not to say non – spiritual people can’t be happy, but being spiritual gives you such a better chance at finding happiness.  It is important to note that

people who connect with something spiritual are not necessarily religious.


Being curious helps us to be happy – learning something that is important or interesting on a regular basis will help take us to a happy place.


Physical exercise will also increase a sense of well being



No one can give you the gift of happiness you have to buy it for yourself.

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