Happiness – What Is It and How Do We Increase It?  (Part II)

 In this blog I will list 3 more areas that I believe go into making us happy. See what you think.

 For a person to be happy they also need to appreciate the present, often times we get so lost in the past or so busy planning for the future, that we forget to savor the present.


People who are happy need to see the positive side of the universe.   I think that many of us myself included; have to retrain ourselves to react to our natural inclination to be doubtful or even negative.  I believe in the idea of learned optimism.  

 Happy people behave in a way that gives some control over their life. Though folks have situations that are not directly in their control, they can control their perceptions and their reactions.  For example we may be unhappy in our relationship, but tell are selves there is nothing we can do.  The truth is there are many things we can do, but they may be difficult or even scary.  We tell ourselves that we are trapped in our jobs.  There are many strategies we can use to deal with difficult jobs ranging from getting additional training (education) to looking for another positions, to redefining our current job, to upgrading our skills in our present situation, again this is not easy but “doable”.

 There are still a number of other things that will positively contribute to us being happy.  I am giving you a few at time so you can think about them.  The key to being happy is to realize all that is involved in creating a happy life and then, as in these blogs, to break them down to digestible bites

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