How Much Influence to You Have with Your Spouse?

 One of the most important variables in a relationship is that partners feel that they have influence (not control) over their mate.

 I have taken the following 10 questions from my book

“The Essential Guide to A Lasting Marriage” to share with you”. so that you can get a perspective of just how much influence you really have with your partner.

Next to each number rate the answer from 1 – 10 (one is very little and ten is a great deal) When your done, see how high your “influence scale” is.

1.       I have a lot of respect for my spouse.

2.     My spouse really listens to me.

3.     I take what my spouse thinks seriously

4.     We always discuss big decisions with each other.

5.     My spouse usually knows where I am 

6.     We usually compromise when we disagree

7.     I reach out to my spouse when I am having a difficult time.

8.     I think my spouse is pretty smart about the things that count.

9.     I listen to my spouse even when I disagree with them

10. When we fight about something and get very upset, we work things out when we both have had a chance to cool down.

   Count up the ratings you have given each question and see how high (or low) your “influence scale” is

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