How to Build Trust: Part two of a three part series

In this blog I will talk about five parts of trust that might not seem obvious. You might want to think about how these things might apply to your relationship.


1. To have empathy – If your partner feels like you really understand them they are more inclined to feel as though you are being honest with them.


2. Have successfully gone through together, where the other person was there for you. – The more things you go through together as a couple the stronger are your bonds of trust.


3. Make a distinction between having privacy and hiding things.  It is fine to want to have your own space, but the other person should not think you are purposely trying to keep important things from them.


4. If you can’t follow through on something you promised tell your partner that before they find out on their own.


5. Be consistent – The more your partner can count on you the more they are inclined to trust you.


In my last blog in this series I will give 5 more things that are important if trust is to be built in a relationship.

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