How to Build Trust:Part three in a three part series

Trust is hard to get and easy to loose.  To help couples establish this all important element in a relationship I will give six additional strategies that couples can do to build trust.


  1. Build a “trust account”. – The more times you are honest about something unpleasant or difficult the more your partner is inclined to believe that you will be honest with them.
  2. Admit when you are wrong – The more you take responsibility for your behavior the greater the chances that your partner will see you as being honorable.
  3. Be predictable – It’s great to be spontaneous, but the more you respond in a way that count on the more secure they will be about you being honest with them.
  4. Be clear about your needs – If you don’t feel your needs are being met you can become resentful and that can create a negative climate where people arenot honest with each other.

Trust is something that couples always have to be aware of; it is a basic building block for any relationship

On another level we have to ask ourselves if we trust our instincts.  Are we so biased based on past experiences that we can not be sure of our instincts?  We all have “inner voices”, the question are those voices speaking from past betrayals or current facts?

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