How to Build Trust: Part one of a three part series

Trust has many layers for example:

I trust you to be there for me.

I trust you to honest with me.

I trust you to let me know before you make

any decisions that affect the both of us.

Of course, trust becomes a major issue when there is unfaithfulness in a relationship; but it is important to be aware of the many different kind of trust issues that exist in a relationship.


There are signs along the way that partners are not being trust worthy. Does a partner do what they say their going to do? Does a partner admit when they’ve made a mistake? Does a partner take responsibility for their actions?  When you evaluate the level of trust in your relationship the above questions are ones to be considered to see how much trust exists between the two of you.


In this blog I will start things off with the most important part of building trust, that is having good communication.  When couples communicate well with each other a natural sense of trust develops in a relationship.


In my next blog I will give 5 more things that folks can do to further develop trust.


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