How To Get The Most Out of Therapy and Make Therapy Short Term. (part II of III parts)


In this blog I will give the next two guidelines for how to best have effective counseling sessions.

1.   Even though you may totally disagree with your partner, you  are able to repeat your partner’s point of view accurately.


An effective technique for communicating and negotiating with a partner is for them to think that you understand them and why they respond the way they do.  Taking the time to let the partner feel understood, not necessarily agreed with, will often make them feel respected and loved.  The way communication works is the more we feel understood the more we tend to be understanding

2. I am respectful of what the other person says.


It is difficult when we are upset to not want to get our side of the story out.  On a regular basis I see couples in counseling that one or both partners constantly interrupt each other.  When we feel cut off or not listened, to we tend to shut off or become more aggressive and cut our partner off or with draw with feelings of resentment and anger.


Remember my form for self evaluation on how to make the most progress in therapy will be on the next blog.


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