Hurricane Sandy & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

(Part 2 of a 3 part series) Things folks can do to help themselves from the trauma of hurricane Sandy .


This blog will give you eight different strategies that can be used for people suffering from stress or mild forms of PTSD to help themselves


Self Help Measures

  1. Be around other people who can reassure you.
  2. Talk back to the voice in your head that scares you.   Make up phrases that mean the most to you and give you comfort. Like “We’re past the worst” or  “I’ll be O.K.” The phrases you make up will be best rather than anything else someone will tell you.
  3. Think of and do practical things that can help you to avoid any problems that have arisen from the storm, like having non perishable food around or making sure your cell phone is functional and fully charged (if your sim card is more than two years old get a new one for your phone)
  4. Find a place in your home that feels safe for you that you can go to, just be sure that you don’t end up hiding there, but you go to your safe place so you get a chance to regroup emotionally
  5. Get access to soothing smells like vanilla or lavender.
  6. Get  yourself back on a schedule as soon as possible, having a structure is a good way to feel grounded
  7. Exercise. As long as you are not having medical problems (check with your doctor if you are in doubt) exercise, tends to release endorphins, which is a natural high and makes us feel more secure and focused.
  8.  Meditation – I have found that mediation is a wonderful way to naturally calm ourselves down when we are feeling anxious.  A great book to learn about mediation is “How to Meditate” by Lawrence Leshan.


Getting Professional Help

Realize that if these measures don’t significantly reduce your anxiety there is professional help available to help you get past this difficult time.  The next blog will discuss six different approaches that I use to help people who are struggling with PTSD.


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