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My Husband / Wife is Filing For

Divorce Is It Too Late For

 Marriage Therapy?

In the last three days I’ve gotten exactly the same question from three different people contacting me:

My husband / wife is filing for divorce. Is it too late for marriage counseling?

Here is what I said to them:

This is when help is most important.  

In marriage counseling we would start with what’s going on with the spouse. Sometimes spouses file for divorce not because they want to be divorced, but because they have run out of options. They feel like they have “tried everything.” If this is the situation, getting professional help is very important because folks don’t know how to get out of their own way. They push, beg and even threaten, but what they don’t do is approach the partner in “the right way.”

The Right Way
In my next blog I will go into depth, as I would during a marriage counseling session, and discuss the four things to do and not to do that will give the abandoned partner the best chance to work at getting reconnected with their spouse. The short version is:
Don’t panic
Don’t try and convince your partner they are wrong
Acknowledge your partner’s point of view
How to act while the divorce process is going on

Remember it isn’t about getting your partner to stay, it is about making the changes necessary to have a new relationship.

As a Marriage Counselor I share with folks that effective Marriage Counseling will not try and convince your partner to stay, they will show you and them how to behave differently so they will want to stay.

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Two Important things to know about Marriage Counseling

Prescription for a good Marriage Therapist

* A Marriage Counselor gives folks the tools to build a good relationship

* A Marriage Counselor doesn’t focus on who is right or wrong, but will help with figuring out what is the most effective way to regain a warm loving connection. 

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