Imagine: How Creativity Works – Jonah Lehrer (part 2 of 3 parts)


This blog is a continuation of my blog on the book Imagine: How Creativity Works.

 I found Mr. Lehrer’s point that you should embrace creative blocks particularly interesting. He goes on to say

“Before there can be a breakthrough, there has to be a block,”.

Another interesting concept is creativity is given a boost when we relax showering/ bathing or even going for a run or walk, can be a tremendous boost in getting to a place where we open up are unconscious minds to connection that are not immediately apparent.  Lehrer mentions that according to neurobiologists:

When there will be a steady rhythm of alpha waves pulsing from the right hemisphere of your brain that scientists note is the precursor to insight. In other words, it seems counter-intuitive, but relaxation often sparks creativity

Lehrer has a process he recommends he has termed “Interact horizontally”. The book gives the example  of

Designers mix with engineers, tech folks mix with artists or accountants and you get great variety of perspectives.

Twyla Tharp in her bestselling book THE CREATIVE HABIT says when she needs insight for a new dance, she goes to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the ultimate art fair. Figures on a Greek vase once inspired her to create a dance.

So in summary, embrace creative blocks rather than being upset by them; relax and let go of tension that you are feeling; and talk about projects that you want to find creative solutions with people from totally different professional backgrounds, as they are not hampered by preconceptions.


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