Imagine: How Creativity Works – Jonah Lehrer (part 1 of 3 parts)

 I am very interested in the area of creativity, so when I came across the Jonah Lehrer’s book on how we can stimulate our brain to be creative,  I was really looking forward to reading it.  In the next two blogs I will discuss the book and mention some things Lehrer suggests that can help us to become creative.


Lehrer makes the point that you can’t force creativity.  He goes on to say that when you are stuck and you can’t seem to come up with good ideas you should walk away for awhile, let go of the process you are working on.  The concept here is that your brain needs time to recharge.  Sometimes we try to hard to have creative ideas, Lehrer, discusses how research has found that by letting go of our conscious process our unconscious can take over and then new ideas come to the surface.

 The book also talks about how important it is to get input from people with different backgrounds and points of view.  We are limited based on our own bias’ and life experiences, so listening to folks that are out of our “box of experience” can help to fan the flames of creativity.

 Lehrer makes the point that research has found that we are creative when we are a little sad (not deeply depressed).  He gives examples of how different artists tend to create their best work when they are a little down.  My personal experience is exactly opposite of that

I tend to not want to do anything if I am down and when I am feeling “up” I tend to come up with a lot more creative ideas.


In my next blog I will share with you other insights that

Lehrer offers in his book.

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