Instant Influence – by Michael Pantalon, Ph.D. (Part II)


I wanted to continue my review of Dr. Pantalon’s book  “Instant Influence”  from my blog last week.


I particularly like Dr. Pantaloon’s second and third step (in his book “Instant Influence”) in which he asks (step #2) “to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how ready are you to change”.  In step #3 he asks people: what would it take to increase the number you picked to one number higher; so, if you said you were ready to change at the level of a six, he would want to know what would cause your readiness go to the level of a seven.  To Dr. Pantaloon’s step two and three I would add one more thing and that is, that the person rate how strong are the blocks to making the change happen and what would it take to lower that number; so if the blocks were at a level of a five what would it take to make the blocks only be a four.


An example of lowering a block would be if my goal is to stay in shape and one of the things that is blocking me is that I don’t have enough time, I need to consider what could I do to give my self a little time and thereby making my block only at the strength of a three.  Change happens when we are motivated, and also deal with the things that are blocking us and have a specific plan to set in motion that will enable us to move forward. 


If you are interested in learning a structured way to make change happen, you would be well served to read Dr. Pantaloon’s book “Instant Influence”.


One of my favorite books in the area of creating change is “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath which I will review and discuss at a later date.

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