Instant Influence – by Michael Pantalon, Ph.D.

 Instant Influence is an interesting book that says that by following Dr. Pantaloon’s methods you can get folks to change in seven minutes; and that this is possible if the process is applied correctly, but I wonder about this being the case in complicated and difficult situations.

Having voiced my skepticism about this claim, I think his basic concept has a great deal of merit.


Dr. Pantaloon’s method is a six step process that he has created. In his book he gives numerous examples of successful application of his method.  He correctly focuses on the issue of motivation as the primary factor in getting folks to change. I believe that really wanting to make things to be different, (i.e. being motivated) goes a long way to being successful in accomplishing things.


Dr. Pantaloon discusses causing change from the perspective of how we can get ourselves to change, influence others to change and even how to get strangers to change as well.


An note to my readers, a really great book that is about how to influence people was written in believe it or not, originally in 1936 and has since been revised is: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.


In my next blog I will discuss some of the specific steps in Dr. Pantaloon’s method; I will also talk about what I would add to his method.

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