1.      Take Dr. Marty’s Relationship Inventory, that has been developed over 30 years to quickly and easly

help couples focus on exactly what their issues are

(To make best use of their time couples are urged to

come 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time.)


2.    Begin the counseling process.


3.    Start to open up lines of communication


4.    Talk about areas of conflict and anger in an

emotionally safe environment.


5.    On request, couples they will be given

a suggestion of something they can try

at home to help improve their relationship


6.    On request, will help couples with be able to discuss a cost effective option for continuing counseling

What the introductory session will not do

The introductory session will not resolve the issues the issues in your relationship.  It does not take the place of counseling,  Dr. Marty’s Introductory

Session will give you a starting point to begin the process of helping couples getting back together again


Everything has to have a beginning

Dr. Marty


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