Is Face Book A Hazard to Your Marriage?

 The law firm Divorce-Online. said that there was a 50% increase on the number divorce petitions that used the word

“Face Book”.

 Believe it or not the magazine “Mail Online” in its May 24, 2012 issue reported that a woman sued for divorce saying that her husband failed to change his status from single to married. (This could turn out to be more accurate than he intended in that his wife is divorcing him) The husband’s defense is that he hadn’t gotten around to it as yet.

 According to the law firm Divorce-Online

“The most common reasons for Face Book causing problems in relationships were a spouse finding flirty messages, photos of their partner at a party they did not know about or with someone they should not have been with.”

 Dr. Marty’s Rules for Dealing with FB issues to protect your relationship

  1. Face Book entries should be totally open to your partner.
  2. If one partner is uncomfortable with the other person’s use of Face Book that should be a “yellow warning” light that there are some problems in the relationship.
  3. If the issue about how to use FB is not resolved that should be a red danger signal.
  4. Time spend on Face Book should be limited. If you’re spending a great deal of time on FB then you should take a look at how much time you’re spending with your partner.
  5.  If in doubt about what your posting first check with your  partner to see how they feel about you sharing that information.

 Face book can be a wonderful tool for communication, but even tools can be dangerous if used the wrong way.

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