Dr. Marty Talks About Partners for Growth – A New Model for Practice Development in Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

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Partners For Growth is designed help your business grow. We only succeed when you do.

If you already have a private practice, or you are thinking of starting one, and are interested in couples therapy and marriage counseling, please read on.

My Story

As a therapist for over 35 years, I had struggled to keep a consistent flow of referrals. I decided to do something quite different, and I realized I had to make a major financial investment in my internet presence to insure long term stability and prosperity for my practice. It has worked in New Jersey.

In addition to myself, I have developed a new model for helping therapists grow their practices without taking insurance. Our group has a niche focus on couples therapy and marriage counseling (and related services – read on to benefit #7 about how we have organically expanded that focus).

Our group has functioned successfully in New Jersey and now we are expanding to other states.

I call this model Partners for Growth.

How Partners for Growth Works

Partners for Growth is designed to augment your practice, and increase your business, with limited effort on your part and maximum support from us.

If you have an office (or are going to get one) Partners for Growth sends you referrals. We provide pages for you on our busy website YourMarriageCounselor.com and take responsibility for your internet marketing. We answer calls for inquiries, and provide you with consultation for both clinical and business issues.

Marketing – What I’ve learned in over 35 years in practice

If you give a presentation, you hope that some folks in the audience will have a problem and be ready to use your service. Many people who come to presentations have questions or issues or want free counseling. Direct referrals are good, but rarely do you get a constant flow of referrals.

With directories you are just one of many therapists.

I’ve been on cable TV and on the radio many times, and have written numerous books about marriage and relationships. I know from personal experience the internet is by far the most powerful marketing tool ever invented. When you are having trouble with your relationship you want help, NOW! If you are serious about having a practice you must be clearly visible on the internet.

Over the past ten years, my website YourMarriageCounselor.com has attained a significant internet presence in New Jersey, which is why my phone rings and my email brings inquiries. In the last eight years, I have added on nine therapists who have a total of eleven offices across our state, and I plan to have additional therapists in the near future.

YourMarriageCounselor.com appears on the first page of Google and other search engines with many important searches and keywords. To accomplish that I worked with a specialist in Search Engine Optimization. I also have an aggressive Google AdWords campaign developed by the same specialist who has extensive experience working with therapists. In addition I regularly update my site, and make use of YouTube, blogs, press releases, articles, and radio interviews.

The result of these efforts generates about 4 – 7 inquiries a day, providing me personally with 20 – 25+ hours, per five day week, of clients for my practice – and also supplies the nine therapists that work with me with referrals as well.

Bear in mind we do not accept insurance.

Many therapists are not in a position to invest thousands of dollars a month, so the solution that I’ve come up with is to invite other therapists to grow along with me.

What therapists gain when they come aboard:

  1. Each therapist has an exclusive area, around the area where their practice is located.
  2. Third party endorsement from me as an expert in the field. I’ve written 6 books and have a number of academic credentials, as well as numerous radio and cable TV appearances. Being able to get an endorsement is different than just endorsing yourself on your site, and will distinguish you from other therapists.
  3. We launch an internet campaign for a therapist which can include:
    • Online advertising targeted to prospective clients in the therapist’s region, powered by Google AdWords.
    • Listing for a therapist on an established website, with both their biography and picture.
    • A directory listing on Google My Business, which helps you connect with prospective clients whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.
    • Posting a therapist’s own articles to enhance their presence on the site, and posting reviews from their clients.
  4. I, or my Office Manager, will answer client’s phone calls ourselves, or usually within an hour or two Monday – Friday.
  5. We contact the therapist as quickly as possible so they can return the call to the prospective client.
  6. At no charge to the associates, we will take credit card payments from your clients, and I will put them through at my office. You will have an authorization consent form that is signed by your client each time before we run their credit or debit card. We will never run a card without the client’s signature.
  7. If they wish, I will help Partners (associate therapists) to expand their services organically. These additional services all start from working with couples – e.g. anger management, Jump Start Sessions, addictions, negotiation for couples, and alternative lifestyles. I am always developing new programs. We do see individuals and help them with issues relating to their relationship. For example, there is an article and video on the site which deals with what to do if only one person wants to come for counseling. All of these additional services are under the umbrella of couples therapy and marriage counseling, as these are issues that are problematic in relationships.
  8. To maintain a high quality of service, I offer free consultation about difficult cases.
  9. Free coaching, if the partner would like, on issues such as phone and sales skills, and client retention.

More than anything else, working with Partners for Growth will give your practice tremendous energy. When you join us, you are not alone.

Please see the Partners for Growth – Finances page for more information and a video on the finances of joining Partners for Growth.

If you are interested, please give me a call at: 888-281-5850 or email me at drmarty@comcast.net.


Marty Tashman, Ph.D. (Clinical/Organizational Psychology)
ACSW (Group/Case Work), M.S. (Counselor Education)
LMFT License #37F100094000 (Marriage and Family)
LCSW License #44SC00275900 (Clinical Social Worker)

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