Positive Mindset (Part 2 of a 3 part series)

In this blog I will suggest two steps to make the voices in your head help you to develop a positive mindset and as a result get a good out come in difficult situations


The first step to take is calm ourselves down; in order to find our positive voice, we must be in a place where we are not reacting and are quiet enough to listen to our self. The more we are stressed the stronger is our negative emotional voice.  Mary first has to relax and not come from a rage full place; that’s not to say she shouldn’t get upset, rather to take a step back and to allow herself to be upset without being abusive toward her partner.


The second step is to find your positive voice is to break things down into smaller parts.  Our negative voice thrives on being overwhelmed.  The more we take situations one step at a time, the more we can put issues into perspective and not only access our logical self/ positive voice, but also tap into our smarter self, that doesn’t panic.


Mary has to focus on what she wants from Joe.  As I mentioned in the previous blog in this series:

Mary wants to makes sure Joe gets the car fixed, pays for the damage, and not has lasting hard feelings as a result of the accident.


For Mary to get what she wants from Joe she is going to have to develop a strategy for dealing with Joe. (In my book Negotiation Handbook for Couples: From conflict to connection I go into more detail about how to influence your partner effectively)


In my next blog I will give you six steps to take to have a positive mind set.

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