Relationship Rescue Manual: Relationship Satisfaction Scale

In this blog, I will share with you my Relationship Satisfaction Scale (RSS).  There are five questions for you to rate your level of satisfaction with your relationship.

You might also ask your partner to fill out their level of satisfaction as well.

Even strong relationships need to stop and take stock of how things are going; my RSS is an easy tool which gives a couple the tools to see how satisfied each partner is with the relationship.

Relationship Satisfaction Scale (RSS)

Rate Your Partner


Read the statements for each item and place an “X” on the line that best describes how you think you partner would respond.  You may wish to make extra blank copies before starting so you can use this exercise to evaluate your progress.



Date   ______________

I feel heard and understood by my partner.

I do not feel heard

and understood by

my partner.






I do not feel respected by my partner.

I feel respected by my partner.



I do not like my spouse.

I like my spouse.





We do not deal with issues well.

We deal with issues




There is something missing in the relationship.

The relationship is right for me.




What couples can do is to make a plan to deal with issues that are raised as a result of taking a look at their levels of satisfaction and then in two weeks retake the evaluation to see things are going.  The sooner problems are identified and dealt with the easier they are to fix.



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