Secret to Success to having a relationship with a Difficult Person: Why having an argument with a difficult person is so futile.

Don’t argue with a difficult person.  To understand why this is important let’s define the characteristics of a difficult person.

Definition of difficult a person

Often times your partner may be very difficult to live with they are either insecure or has inflated sense of themselves; they can be easily overwhelmed these personality traits can result in the following behaviors:

v   Shutting down

v   Gets extremely angry very quickly

v   Is overly sensitive or

v   Extremely insensitive

v   Moody

v   Attacking

v   Judgmental

v   Impulsive

v   Critical

v   A strong sense of entitlement

If we take a combine these traits with idea of arguing here is what we come up with:

Under the pressure someone who is insecure when in an argument will either be quick to withdraw and shut down or attack back.

Someone who is angry when they are under pressure will go from “0” to “60” when they are arguing and then there is no dealing with them. Someone who is moody may well be pushed into a bad mood as a result of an argument.

Someone who is judgmental, impulsive, and crucial will take those traits into high gear and arguments will turn ugly very quickly.

The next question is how not to argue.  That folks, I will cover in my next blog. 🙂

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