Some Tips on Handling Anger

I have an expertise in helping folks dealing with anger.  When I see couples one of the primary challenges is how to effectively deal with the anger that each partner feels.  I also deal with people who have been charged with domestic violence and have been arrested.  One of the conditions of their sentence is that they go to anger management counseling.

The information below are specific things that people should and should not do when they are angry.  Please take a look and see what you think.  The suggestions below are definitely things that will not be a total answer to how to deal with anger, but there will be some simple valuable tips that you can try when you are in that state of mind.

Four  Things to do When You Find that you are angry

1. Calm your self and speak from a “calm place”.

2. Understand that your partner has a point,  even thought you really disagree with that  perspective.

3. Withdraw if you start getting upset again.

When we are upset we are not thinking clearly.  We will be much better able to handle this issues when we are in a calmer more centered place.

4. Notice your self talk

Four Things Not To Do When You Find that you are angry

1.  Blame or accuse your partner

2. Think about how hopeless things are

3.  Remind yourself how your past attempts have failed

4. Make your partner the bad guy


 Good luck and let’s hope that you don’t get angry often.

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