The Secret Toxin (Poison) in Stress (part IV)

 As I am writing this series, it occurs to me how much overload which causes stress can negatively affect a relationship.  Because of this powerful negative force in a relationship I will dedicate a few more blogs that are quick reading and simple ways for folks to reduce their stress.  The more we feel in balance (less stressed) the more we are able to respond well to our partner, especially when there is friction and dissatisfaction.

Here is my next “tip” learn how to prioritize. To prioritize it is helpful to ask ourselves the question: “What will happen if this doesn’t get done on schedule or right now?”  We might also question whether the on time completion of this task is really that important. There will always be things to do and a deadline to satisfy.

One strategy to use to cope with keeping the deadline is:

  1. Break the project down to smaller parts.
  2. To do part of the task and set up a time, with yourself where you can complete the next part.

Feeling like you are doing something positive about the issue or project we are concerned about can give us some sense of control over our life.

In the next blog I will talk about – pacing -.

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