The Secret Toxin (Poison) in Stress (part V)


This blog will talk about pacing yourself.  Some people are sprinters and some are long distance runners.  Some of us work better under pressure and others of us are more effective if we are slower and steadier, still other people like to move at a  specific pace.  Stress is caused when we are not aware of what our best pace is.  We also get overloaded when we push our self too hard.

The key to dealing with stress is to be aware of exactly what pace works for us as individuals. To effectively handle stress we have to step back and notice what works for us.  It also helps to be aware that different paces might be good for us at different times of the day. Some times we are tired sometimes we have more energy, the idea is to be mindful where our energy level is and to  react accordingly.

 An other factor in pacing is giving our selves breaks. There is only so long that any of us can concentrate on a task, physically our brain gets tired.  We all have different tolerances before we get fatigued, some us need to stop for a little while after 20 or 30 minutes and others of us can go for an hour to ninety minutes, but one thing is for sure, all of us need to take a break to regroup and refresh our self. Remember when you are taking a break you gain a lot more in productivity and not making errors than you loose from not working through the break time.

To sum up, pacing is pressing ourselves when we are able, but not to push so hard as to burn ourselves out.

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