Tips from The Essential Guide To A Lasting Marriage/Relationship.  (Part II)

Please note that I have continued the numbers from my last entry so the first number here is #5


Important behaviors to strengthen a relationship (5 – 9)

5.  Be curious about your partner’s  life.    Curiosity is related to being interested and caring about our partner.

6. Your partner being curious about your life    Same as #5

7. Having meaningful conversations

There are so many things of importance that happen in the world and in our lives, couples need to share their feelings and thoughts with one another.  They need to have talks about their future, their fears and their pain.

 8. Having “fun” conversations – The couple that laughs together stays together Life can be serious, but there has to be times  where you make each other smile and even laugh.     This is a behavior that I have added and does not  appear in the book.

 9. Talking, texting, or e-mail my partner on a daily basis.

I have had couples tell me they away on a trip or they were very busy and didn’t have a chance to talk with each other.  People feel disconnected if they don’t take the extra effort to reach out to their partner no matter what.  Texting and email are technology tools that help us in this regard.  If you think back to when you first met your partner, it’s highly probable, that you both made the effort to connect on a regular, basis regardless of what else was going on.  There are always reasons why you can’t talk, but in the end if you haven’t talked and have taken a step away from each other. 


The nine things mentioned in my last two blogs are small things that can make a big difference.  Take an honest look at what’s going on in your relationship and see if there is “a little something” that can be done to make sure you get to have a happy future with your partner.

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