Tools That Can Help You to Stop Your Divorce.

 I very much believe that committed relationships and marriages are a very important part of our lives.  In this blog I will offer you some tools that you can use as a beginning effort to stop your divorce and to get on the road to building a strong relationship.  Below are three free tools that you can use to aid you in beginning to reclaim your relationship. 

1. A video to help you learn how to select a good counselor

2. An article that can show you what should happen during a counseling session and lastly

3.  A way of identifying the issues that have brought you to the point of divorce.


Tool #1 – Free Video

I have done a video for folks on How to Find a Good Couples Counselor.  This three minute video will give you criteria by which to judge a therapist and will give you questions to ask any potential therapist that you are thinking of using.

 To see my free video you can go to:

 Tool #2 – Learn What Should Happen during a Counseling Session

 To learn what should be happen during a therapy session

you can read what I think should be covered during therapy.  By reading this you will gain a better understanding of the specifics of the counseling process.

 Tool #3 –Intake Relationship Form

If you like, I will be glad to send you the form that I use when counseling couples (Intake Relationship Form) to help you identify exactly the areas of conflict that are causing your partner to feel so distant from you. 

 If you would like my “Intake Relationship Form” send me an email and on the subject line put: “Intake Relationship Form” and I’ll send you a copy of this form.

 Here is one more tool for you to use:

 Tool #4 – Strength of Relationship Evaluation.  This guide helps you to identify things to look for when you are evaluating the strength of your relationship. 

 If you would like my “Strength of Relationship Evaluation” send me an email and on the subject line put: “Strength of Relationship Evaluation” and I’ll send you a copy of the evaluation.

 I very much believe in helping couples find a way to get past their difficulties and learn how to build a stronger relationship.


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