Two Tips To Deal With Conflict.

In this blog I will give you two tips on how to deal with conflict that have helped couples that I’ve counseled

Tip #1

If you and your partner have a disagreement, allow for the possibility that:

1.     There might be some merit in their point of view.

2.    That though you disagree you understand why your partner feels the way they do.

The key here is to have your partner feel respected even though you disagree with them.

Tip #2

Learn how to disagree agreeably. 

When your spouse is nasty or just plain angry, does that trigger off a negative response in you? 

Next time you are in a situation where your partner is being very negative, try stop the argument quietly with reassurance.  You can say something like: “I’m getting really angry at you and I don’t want say something that will make things worse.  Let’s take a break and then we can talk and figure this out”.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss what happens when the difficult / angry partner continues to follow you around your home and the implications that that behavior has on your relationship.


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