Understanding Yourself and Your Anger

This blog is designed to help you to understand your anger.  Understanding is the first step in change, the more aware you are the more able you are to stop anger from being an negative force in your life. Below is a eighteen question self evaluation to help you to take the first step in helping you with managing your anger appropriately.

Self Rating

1.  Rate your anger at it’s highest 1 – 10      ____    (higher  than  a 5) Yes    (lower than a 5)  no

 2.  How long does it last?  ______    (longer than a few hours) Yes      (less than a few hours) no

3.  How frequently do you get very angry?  __________

4.  Do you express anger in a way that overwhelms

     you and others?       Yes  no

5. Do you get angry more often than most people you know?Yes  No

6. Do you get angrier than is necessary? __________   Yes  No

7. Do you use threatening language or gestures?   Yes No

8. Do you get angry enough to hit, throw or kick things, people or animals?                                                                             

     Yes No

9. Do you obsess  for hours after the angry incident?    

 Yes   No                                           

10. Do you hide angry feelings from others or try to suppress your feelings?  Yes  No

If you have honestly answered these questions and have more than five yes’s then there could be a problem

11. Do you use alcohol or drugs to calm your anger?           Yes   No

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