Two Ways to Regain Trust After

Cheating On Your Partner? – Suggestions from a  Marriage Counselor

I got this question from someone who visited my site and asked me a question about couples counseling which folks can do in “Ask Dr. Marty” section on my home page.


The question: How Do I  Regain Trust after cheating on your partner

Dear Dr. Marty: 

Me & my fiancé are having problems! I cheated on her in the summer of 2011. I propose to her in December! But she’s still bringing up the issue of me cheating! How can we survive?  

 Please help me,                                                                                            Aaron  (Please note this is not the name of the person sending the question.)


 Dr. Marty’s  (NJ Marriage Counselor) answer:

When folks come to me for couples counseling I tell them there are two things you can do that can help you heal your relationship

and bring you to being closer with each other:

 First, I would start with asking your fiancé: “What would make you feel reassured going forward?”  In couples counseling folks learn it’s always best to ask the other person rather than trying to guess what they are thinking


Second, I would make an effort to be as open as possible about where you are when you’re not with her, your texts and your phone. The more a partner knows about you and what they are doing the less they think that they are being cheated on.

Your fiancé wants to make sure her heart isn’t broken and that she’s not being made a fool of. 

Give this a try for a week or two and see how well that works.

When is it time for Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling  is advisable if nothing you do seems to help, because there may  be something going on that the two of you are not able to put your finger on. 

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